6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

So this is what made my husband’s eyes watery. The moment the USG device touched the lower part of my tummy, that little sack is there, nice and round. There’s not much yet to see inside of it, as it is only as big as a sesame seed, but it was enough to excite both of us, that hubby changed his profile and announced that “wifey’s pregnant”. I was going to announce it to our immediate family, as it is just a natural thing to do. However, I was going to announce to my friends and everyone else after my second visit to the doctors, which is around 10 weeks, when I know the baby is there for sure, and the baby is growing. They say that the first trimester is the critical and the risk of miscarriage is higher than the other trimesters.

But, it seems that everyone is sharing our happiness and there is no way to move forward and think positive that baby is going to grow healthy!

Being 6 weeks pregnant and growing is aahh-maayy-ziiinngg! Never thought I’d love it, but I do. And I still can’t believe that I am pregnant. So I’m definitely asking my mum, mothers and future mommies for any tips and of course. With the help of our cyber friend Google, I typed “Pregnancy” and one website that has helped me and hubby understand pregnancy is http://www.babycenter.com. It’s got everything you need or want to know about pregnancy, week by week; and what I love most about is that they have a 3D animation of the pregnancy growth from the fertilization to the labor and birth. I think I’ve watched it over and over and I’m still mesmerized by how baby grows efficiently in the womb.

So, after asking around mum, mothers, friends and website, here is what I have learned during my 6 weeks pregnant:

1. I’m not going to eat in large chunks. But rather eating small portions frequently. This new eating habit, is somewhat difficult, as sometimes I do not know when to stop munching. I am getting the hang of it now, as my body is sending off signal (like, nausea) if I eat too much, so I try to stop after a while eating and to digest whether I still want more or not. I’m not going to stay or let myself hungry, but I will eat frequently in small portions.

2. Minimize instant and junk foods. So all those instant cup noodles, I give it to my husband for his midnight snack. I went to the groceries yesterday and bought raisins, apples, a pear, seedless dark grapes that I looove so much, cheese strings that I’m starting to love, salty crisps for a little indulgence, yogurt and whole bran cereal. I can’t tell you how proud I am, these small steps, I hope will make a big impact on the baby’s health.

3. Forgive myself and start living healthy. Before I knew I was 6 weeks pregnant, I was smoking and drinking occasionally. If I keep looking back, I would probably regret it, but there’s no time for that, and all that matters is how I’m going to have to make it up. So I have stopped smoking completely and will refrain myself to drinking and staying up late.

4. I won’t force myself to go the extra mile at work or at home. I will try to relax more often and rest whenever I can.

5. I need a bellyband, for my growing belly. Yes, some pants (meaning ALL) are very tight and starting to get uncomfortable. Thank God a friend of mine sells them and I can’t wait till it arrives in the mail.

6. Have fun and be thankful. For everything God has given.

There you go, 6 things I learned about being 6 weeks pregnant. My next appointment is on the 2nd February 2012, and by then I will (hopefully & fingers crossed) be ten weeks pregnant. Can’t wait to see baby growing inside.

Me Time


It’s been a while since my last storytelling. I have put this storytelling at the very end of my agenda.

And as I am writing this, my son is asleep, hubby’s out to shoot some hoops with his buddies which leaves me free of any mum and wife duties…

Got my sultry London Grammar tunes all set and I think I deserve to enjoy some of this me-time…….


USA trip – Part 2: Summer in LA


After taking what seemed like 100 naps on the plane, we were finally above San Fransisco which means we are landing soon in LA. Time at destination was 6am. About 9 hours delayed of scheduled time of arrival. We could’ve arrived Friday night but instead we were arriving Saturday morning.

20130822-074422 AM.jpg

As we start descending Ja seemed alright, but as we got closer to the ground, his ears might have hurt so he started crying uncontrollably. Poor little guy, having to endure such a long flight with delays for the first time. We were SO SO SOOO relieved when the plane landed safely.

20130822-031112 PM.jpg

20130822-030253 PM.jpg

20130822-030304 PM.jpg

We were soooo happy to see Aunty Murni and Uncle Ronny at the arrivals. They are the nicest and sweetest. Look at how my uncle’s got swag with that shimmery jacket!!

We were jetlag and we spent the whole day sleeping and didn’t wake up till afternoon. When we did, we all went to Santa Monica Third Street Promenade for dinner.

20130822-031138 PM.jpg

Oh, I also met with my long lost friend who I haven’t seen in twenty years. My bestie Niken!!

Summer in LA was nice and breezy. It does get really hot (as hot as Jakarta) but during the night it gets cooler. We ended up buying pizza but I forgot the name. But it was in the corner of the street. I think that night, we didn’t go for long, still had a bit of leftover jetlag.

We stayed at Uncle Ronny’s house in the valley, where it is said that when in summer it’s hotter and when winter comes, it’s colder. But I’m happy to stay there during Summer when it’s hot.

I think that night Ja didn’t sleep until midnight.

Next up I will be writing about Hollywood, Melrose and Kushimbo.

Catch up later peeps !!

USA trip – Part 1: The longest flight


Hi y’all

Now I thought I had written Part 1 but since I could not find it anywhere, I get rewrite the memories over again.

Overall, it was a great trip and a golden opportunity to spend quality time with my son and hubby.

Our USA destination was LA via Taipei with EVA Air was scheduled in the afternoon. But being the fidgety traveller that I am, we got to the airport before midday as we need to make sure whether we can get a bassinet seat. And so we did for the whole flight all the way to LA. Wooohaa!

Now, a couple of days before, Grandpa JP (mum’s hubby) saw in BBC that there’s a number of typhoons in Taiwan and Hongkong. On the day of our flight, as we approached Taiwan, there was light rain. The transit was about 3 hours and during that time, the rain grew heavy and then with strong winds and then it was declared a typhoon *cringe.

Okay, I’ll get back to the typhoon a bit later cause I want to tell you how nice the Taoyuan airport is. Each gate has a theme. A Playstation theme, reading theme and my favorite-the Hello Kitty theme. The nursery station boasts a cute and pretty-in-pink Hello Kitty theme (not so appropriate for baby boy Ja, but nonetheless I was gushing)

20130821-041934 PM.jpg

Totes adorbs right? It has a crib, a nursing sofa, a small sink equipped with a bottle dishwashing liquid, hot water and warm wet tissue and a changing pad. I think I spent half the transit time making use of the amenities there. Washed the used bottles, refilled the hot water and changed Ja into sleeping clothes.

Coming close to out boarding time, we can SEE the typhoon, rain and wind. I sensed the agitation of the EVA crew whether they should board us all or not. But they did and as we got inside the plane, boy was it shaking. It felt like the aircraft was going through turbulence up in the air, but we were still on the ground prepping.

It was not the most enjoyable flight, as it took us a long time until we finally moved. The small screen in front of us showed we were ready to take off, but the typhoon didn’t look like it was going away. The Captain told us that they will wait half an hour. And then an hour went by. And then two hours went by without getting permission to even go to the toilet.

By then, Ja had gone to sleep and the Captain informed us that the typhoon is getting worse and that we would have to go back to the gate. But since the typhoon was still going strong we weren’t even allowed back inside the gate due to safety reason. So we slept on the plane for 5 hours. All I kept thinking is how we could’ve been half way already, but sadly we were still stuck on the plane :(

Morning came and the typhoon died down and just as we thought we were going to take off, they need to change the cabin crew and supply food and fuel refill, so we had to leave the plane. We took that time to stretch and since we couldn’t leave the gate, it just made us more tired. I think I managed to change Ja and myself. At this time, we were exhausted.

After waiting for two hours, we finally board the plane (AGAIN) in hope that this time we will take off for sure. And we did and our 12 hour flight had just begun. Initially and ideally, Ja would spend that time sleeping, but since he slept all through the typhoon, boy was he wide awake!! Kept us, exhausted parents up and awake for most of the time.

I look back and I still cringe thinking about it. But it was an unusual experience we hope to never endure again-ever!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Summer in LA

Flying for the first time



In less than a month, we will go for our long-haul flight to LA. So about a month ago, we decided to do a test-flight for Ja (our ten month son) to Bali to visit his grandparents.

I quickly bought flight tickets leaving on a Saturday and coming back on Tuesday so to avoid a full flight.

20130618-111417 AM.jpg

That’s us hanging out at Starbucks. We arrived too early, but I’d rather be early than late cause rushing with a baby is not a good combo!
Choosing a flight according to your baby’s schedule also works well. Our flight was at 3 so I had to be ready to feed him on the plane.
It’s wise that parents STAY CALM. No matter what. I thankfully managed to stay calm. I think the fact that we had a lot of time gave us the chance to be relaxed and catch up with one another.

20130618-112659 AM.jpg

20130618-112742 AM.jpg

I put on a short onesie and before we boarded the plane I put on his navy slacks. Slept like a baby.

I can proudly say that he did good on the plane. Except when he pooped during take off. I think all that engine revving got him nervous. Changing him was a challenge since there was a slight turbulence. But we managed to get through.

The flight was only an hour, thank God and we arrived just after sunset. We had a car pick us up to bring us to our parents’ villa.

20130619-040223 PM.jpg

20130619-040302 PM.jpg

That’s him happy to see grandma-and the other way round. Although it was past his bedtime, he seemed to enjoy his new surroundings.

20130619-040621 PM.jpg

20130619-040653 PM.jpg

Our second day, we all went to Kudeta for breakfast and he absolutely loves it!

20130619-040908 PM.jpg

20130619-041016 PM.jpg

We went for an attempt to go to the beach, however things took a different turn….

20130619-041159 PM.jpg

20130619-041215 PM.jpg
He got scared from the cold sea water and sand rushing in. Oopsie, perhaps next time we’ll try again.

20130619-041422 PM.jpg

Yup! Much happier taking a swim with daddy!

20130619-041545 PM.jpg

And delighted to watch us eat at Warung Menega. Such a good baby

In fact he was so good during the day, I mean, he really enjoyed his time during the day, he had trouble sleeping. But I managed to give him a massage so he feels relaxed.

20130619-044711 PM.jpg

Flying back to Jakarta was more or less the same in a way that he pooped again during take off. But after that he just played until we landed safely.

I am crossing my fingers and hope Ja will be alright during the long flight. Of course, there will probably be some hostile stare and glare, but I don’t want that to affect me that much. And my motto is “whatever works”

Wish me luck!!



Kita mungkin kalau denger kata ‘Pasaraya’ pasti ingat jaman 80-an. Ya, jaman jaya-jayanya si Pasaraya dan Melawai. Berhubung saya kantornya dekat dengan Pasaraya, jadi pasti bisa dikata 2 kali seminggu makan disitu. Di lantai bawah ada food court namanya Dapur Raya, dulu namanya Wata Kitchen, tapi karena tidak terlalu diurus, tidak kelihatan cantik jadi tidak terlalu rame stand makanannya. Tapi dengan dirubahnya menjadi Dapur Raya, design interiornya pun dirombak menjadi lebih etnik dan mengundang orang untuk mau makan disitu.
Yang menjadi menu andalan saya dan teman-teman di kantor adalah Pecel Babeh. Hmm bumbu pecelnya yang pas, dan sambalnya yang super pedes pasti menggugah selera banget. Selain si Pecel Babeh, di sebelahnya ada masakan Manado yang cukup enak, walaupun variasinya hanya ikan woku, ikan bakar, ayam woku, perkedel jagung dan tumis bunga papaya-everyday. Tapi, it’s okay, toh, cuma sekali-sekali saja.

Biasanya setelah makan, saya dan teman-teman kantor khususnya yang perempuan, suka memburu barang pernak pernik murah. Mungkin karena tempatnya udah sepi, harga barang-barang disana relatif lebih murah. Pernah beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya beli kacamata hitam 2 dengan harga 93ribuan. Pokoknya enggak sampai seratus ribu. I am a bargain hunter untuk barang-barang tertentu. Selama yang dipilih nyaman dipakai dan memenuhi fungsi kegunaannya, why not?

Banyak lagi pernak-pernik kalung-kalung yang lagi trend dijual dengan harga miring. Saking banyaknya, kadang kita bingung pilihnya. Belum lagi baju-baju yang cukup untuk gonta-ganti sehari-hari ke kantor dijual dengan harga dibawah dua ratus ribu.

Untuk lantai batik andalannya juga menurut saya masih menjadi andalan kok. Sering saya beli untuk suami. Waktu itu sempat ada promo setengah harga.

Udah pernah ke lantai atasnya yang ada jual sepatu olahraga, baju olahraga dengan harga miring? No, I don’t believe they are rejects, model lama mungkin. Tapi bagi yang tidak terlalu peduli dengan model atau keluaran lama, ini tempat yang tepat.

Kalau mau beli berlian, emas dan jam mewah second, tinggal jalan ke seberang ke Melawai. Di lantai dasarnya banyak yang jual perhiasan berlian dan jam mewah second. Harganya cukup bersaing tinggal ketemu penjual yang cocok sama kita aja.

Menurut saya, kalau ke Pasaraya saat makan siang, merupakan salah satu jam makan siang yang menyenangkan, selain murah, mau cari berbagai macam juga ada. Sebagai karyawati (teladan), Ibu rumah tangga, kita musti jadi smart shopper!