6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

So this is what made my husband’s eyes watery. The moment the USG device touched the lower part of my tummy, that little sack is there, nice and round. There’s not much yet to see inside of it, as it is only as big as a sesame seed, but it was enough to excite both of us, that hubby changed his profile and announced that “wifey’s pregnant”. I was going to announce it to our immediate family, as it is just a natural thing to do. However, I was going to announce to my friends and everyone else after my second visit to the doctors, which is around 10 weeks, when I know the baby is there for sure, and the baby is growing. They say that the first trimester is the critical and the risk of miscarriage is higher than the other trimesters.

But, it seems that everyone is sharing our happiness and there is no way to move forward and think positive that baby is going to grow healthy!

Being 6 weeks pregnant and growing is aahh-maayy-ziiinngg! Never thought I’d love it, but I do. And I still can’t believe that I am pregnant. So I’m definitely asking my mum, mothers and future mommies for any tips and of course. With the help of our cyber friend Google, I typed “Pregnancy” and one website that has helped me and hubby understand pregnancy is http://www.babycenter.com. It’s got everything you need or want to know about pregnancy, week by week; and what I love most about is that they have a 3D animation of the pregnancy growth from the fertilization to the labor and birth. I think I’ve watched it over and over and I’m still mesmerized by how baby grows efficiently in the womb.

So, after asking around mum, mothers, friends and website, here is what I have learned during my 6 weeks pregnant:

1. I’m not going to eat in large chunks. But rather eating small portions frequently. This new eating habit, is somewhat difficult, as sometimes I do not know when to stop munching. I am getting the hang of it now, as my body is sending off signal (like, nausea) if I eat too much, so I try to stop after a while eating and to digest whether I still want more or not. I’m not going to stay or let myself hungry, but I will eat frequently in small portions.

2. Minimize instant and junk foods. So all those instant cup noodles, I give it to my husband for his midnight snack. I went to the groceries yesterday and bought raisins, apples, a pear, seedless dark grapes that I looove so much, cheese strings that I’m starting to love, salty crisps for a little indulgence, yogurt and whole bran cereal. I can’t tell you how proud I am, these small steps, I hope will make a big impact on the baby’s health.

3. Forgive myself and start living healthy. Before I knew I was 6 weeks pregnant, I was smoking and drinking occasionally. If I keep looking back, I would probably regret it, but there’s no time for that, and all that matters is how I’m going to have to make it up. So I have stopped smoking completely and will refrain myself to drinking and staying up late.

4. I won’t force myself to go the extra mile at work or at home. I will try to relax more often and rest whenever I can.

5. I need a bellyband, for my growing belly. Yes, some pants (meaning ALL) are very tight and starting to get uncomfortable. Thank God a friend of mine sells them and I can’t wait till it arrives in the mail.

6. Have fun and be thankful. For everything God has given.

There you go, 6 things I learned about being 6 weeks pregnant. My next appointment is on the 2nd February 2012, and by then I will (hopefully & fingers crossed) be ten weeks pregnant. Can’t wait to see baby growing inside.

In my cosmetic bag


I was rummaging through my cosmetic purse and then I realized when did it get this full and bulky. Almost everything I picked up had bits of powder from my compact. Not so compact anymore eh? I don’t understand how a compact powder is no longer compact when you stash it.

Anyways, thought I’d like to share what’s inside my cosmetic purse. Here it is:

1. Lipbalm/lipgloss. For every mood, when I feel like using my Vaseline lipgloss or my Carmex cherry lipbalm it gives a smoothing and moisturizing effect. Not to mention the yummy cherry mint taste.

2. Lipstick/sheer lipgloss. I only keep sheer lip glosses at the moment. Burt’s Bees sheer lip gloss is a great one to add a hint of color and moisture the lips. Max Factor #60 is a great color and shine for that sudden meeting and when I need a pop of color. And finally, Elizabeth Arden in Pink Pout is a gloss for fun days. Which is basically everyday. I think I can justify that every woman needs at least 3 sheer lipglosses or lipsticks.

3. My never fail pocket size L’occitane Au Vert. Keeps me fresh. All day. Hands down.

4. Jorel’s hair. Now this is odd I know, but I swear I meant to give it to my mother to bury it (it’s tradition). But I’ve been failing to do so, so I figure I just make it as a good luck charm. It’s been good to me. So can’t complain.

5. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand-Salve for air conditioned hands that get dry as the day goes by.

6. Mini keyring mirror from Kudeta Bali. Everytime I go to bali with the boys, we would always at least once have Sunday breakfast at Kudeta. It’s got lots of kids activities and good ol breakfast by the beach. Now this keyring was made with our (me, hubby, Ja and baby inside me) pics printed at the back for a cute memorabilia.

7. And others like: nail clipper, elastic band, hair clip and my breast feeding supplement.

And there you go! It may be full but it does come in handy when you need it.

Share what’s in your cosmetic purse and trade beauty tips!





Kalau di rumah, kadang pusing tujuh keliling mikirin segala printilan rumah. Ya genteng bocor, sprei kamar-kamar diganti sampai makanan si Abang harus dipikirin. Antara mau, harus tapi membosankan. Ya kaan?

Kalau udah bosan karena merasa pusing ngurusin pompa air bocor terus dll dll dll, kadang kangen ngantor ya. Ya kelihatannya memang saya tidak begitu bakat menjadi ibu rumah tangga tulen. Jadi buat saya kegiatan mengantor itu bisa jadi suatu yang refreshing. Karena dihadapkan dengan masalah yang jauuuh berbeda.

Tapi, ada kalanya, kalau udah di kantor, udah mulai sore nih, kangennya minta ampun. Ya sama yang paling kecil dan si Abang yang sudah bisa diajak ngomong. Malah jadi tambah kangen kalau ditelfon. Aah, tapi bisa menjadi penyemangat ngantor. Hitung-hitung refill energy ya. Semua disyukuri saja.

Monday madness


It is so challenging to be driving to work en route my husband’s office with SO. MUCH. NEGATIVITY.

He’s whining a lot. Agitated and oh so negative.

It’s always nice to put on my sunnies and just pretend to sleep. Amidst his endless honking.

I hope being in a car with him for almost an hour doesn’t get me the negativity-disease.

Happy to know we are almost there.

Have a great Monday and week ahead!

Me Time


It’s been a while since my last storytelling. I have put this storytelling at the very end of my agenda.

And as I am writing this, my son is asleep, hubby’s out to shoot some hoops with his buddies which leaves me free of any mum and wife duties…

Got my sultry London Grammar tunes all set and I think I deserve to enjoy some of this me-time…….


USA trip – Part 2: Summer in LA


After taking what seemed like 100 naps on the plane, we were finally above San Fransisco which means we are landing soon in LA. Time at destination was 6am. About 9 hours delayed of scheduled time of arrival. We could’ve arrived Friday night but instead we were arriving Saturday morning.

20130822-074422 AM.jpg

As we start descending Ja seemed alright, but as we got closer to the ground, his ears might have hurt so he started crying uncontrollably. Poor little guy, having to endure such a long flight with delays for the first time. We were SO SO SOOO relieved when the plane landed safely.

20130822-031112 PM.jpg

20130822-030253 PM.jpg

20130822-030304 PM.jpg

We were soooo happy to see Aunty Murni and Uncle Ronny at the arrivals. They are the nicest and sweetest. Look at how my uncle’s got swag with that shimmery jacket!!

We were jetlag and we spent the whole day sleeping and didn’t wake up till afternoon. When we did, we all went to Santa Monica Third Street Promenade for dinner.

20130822-031138 PM.jpg

Oh, I also met with my long lost friend who I haven’t seen in twenty years. My bestie Niken!!

Summer in LA was nice and breezy. It does get really hot (as hot as Jakarta) but during the night it gets cooler. We ended up buying pizza but I forgot the name. But it was in the corner of the street. I think that night, we didn’t go for long, still had a bit of leftover jetlag.

We stayed at Uncle Ronny’s house in the valley, where it is said that when in summer it’s hotter and when winter comes, it’s colder. But I’m happy to stay there during Summer when it’s hot.

I think that night Ja didn’t sleep until midnight.

Next up I will be writing about Hollywood, Melrose and Kushimbo.

Catch up later peeps !!