God Bless, Babies

Everyone has their own good time to get married. I was sure, when I was 25 and when many of my friends got married, I said to myself “I could never force myself to get married NOW” I also added that “When I get married, that’s when I know I am ready” there is no chance in hell I’m forcing myself to get married, just because my friends are; I know, you’re probably saying something like “nobody is forcing you” yada yada yada yada, but that’s not the point.

Let’s get back to the subject, it took me a long 4 years to finally meet someone worth getting married to. I don’t know if I’ve changed the way I think things or Venus has orbited a new Sun, or perhaps, it took me 4 years to mature and finally ready to settle down.

Oh God, I used to cringe at the sight of babies, in particular crying babies; little rascals are…well…little rascals, running around and dropping their drinks and spilling their juice on my cute little kitten heels. Whenever my cousins had babies or little kids, I’d much rather avoid then feeling awkward around the baby. Why?? well, I can’t talk to them; that’s for start, they seem to communicate with a funny language (which is crying!). They tend to look at you cross eyed (that’s scary), and they tend to yank my glasses with the most powerful grip. And (yes, there’s more), they pull your hair, and they have little ferocious nails. Mothers please don’t hate me-I swear this is just a phase!!

Now, I look at babies and I would tap my future hubby and tell him “Isn’t she cute???” which I found out later, it’s a “he”…! babies do look alike, boy or girl, they are absolutely adorable. My daydream now contains of an imaginary baby boy (yes, a boy would be nice for a first child) with curly hair, fair skin, and cute lips and big eyes (that would have to come from my future hubby). I would read articles on how to achieve a baby boy, and reading magazines with the keywords “Parenthood” and “Babies” do not make me shudder. I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder. Funny, but true. I look back at how babies made me feel and how I’ve grown to that stage where, they are humans too! little humans! waiting to evolve…God’s miracle. I can’t wait!


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