Here we go again…

Hi! this is my second time of attempting to write. the first one, well it’s already deleted. Not much content, was in pursuit of trying to familiarize myself with WordPress and how-to’s. I’m guessing (since, the last time I wrote was 9th April 2011), I wasn’t able to learn much out of it, and decided to quit (temporarily-until I get that urge to write again). So here we go…

First and foremost, my name is Shita, I am not a professional writer, I am just an ordinary woman (long pause) with big dreams (Cliche and then long pause). I currently work in the biggest property developer in Indonesia (or so we say) and have been slaving myself dry for the past 6 years (and I’m wildly guessing, for another 6 more). I don’t know how to describe my feeling about my job. I don’t love it, cause I hate it, but I dont totally hate it, cause it pays the bill. Yeah, that’s exactly well put.

I turned 29 on January 29th 2011. Ik ben negenentwintig jaar oud. Twenty nine years old on the 29th. Hey, it only happens once, so might as well embrace it, right? At this last age of being categorized as the last of ‘the twenties’ I am (hopefully-crossing fingers) getting married in October. Despite the fact that the female body has an expiry date, I am glad that the stars and the moon and Saturnus as well Mars has well hit Venus at the right time for me to finally meet my better half, or my better One (I am whole, with or without him). Hitting off well, and, oh, did I mention that my mother loves him dearly? I thought to myself, this is a good sign. And what better way to end the last year of that (superficial) twenties with getting married? I’m just saying, I have a good feeling about this year …. I hope *crossing fingers


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