Wedding madness

If you’ve read Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation where in one of her chapters she was talking about how depression hits you and she writes “Gradually and then suddenly…” well this is exactly how it feels to be less than 2 months away from my wedding date.

Invitation is printed (or not-I’m not sure). Souvenir wasn’t looking too good, I am not satisfied with the result and price. I had asked my decorator to arrange the souvenir, but I might have to take this matter into my own hands. I went to Pasar Tebet with my future hubby last weekend to check out all the different souvenirs. Initially, we wanted to give notecard with envelopes, but I changed my mind and switched to memopad instead.

My dress is a mess, there has been a slight misunderstanding, which is the tailor’s fault of putting together a piece that was way over my budget! (these shit do happen!!Bride-to-be…achtung!). On the positive note, only one of the two dress that was made over my budget without my consent whatsoever. Note to all bride-to-be… determine the budget first and make sure all quote is fixed accordingly. The dress that I asked for the wedding ceremony is rather plain and simple.. so I hope it won’t take as long. *Fingers’ crossed

Invitation list (yes, we’re back to invitation yet again) *sigh… I have made a list, but the list keeps growing *yikes. I’m only inviting close friends… and fellow office friends.

Ok, so what else? It’s an exciting time, I keep thinking “Hey, in 3 months time, I’ll be married” or “I’ll be married on my next birthday” I have to admit, I do get nervous and I do get butterflies in my stomach. But overall, I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world….


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