Right… sounds serious doesn’t it? Well… it kinda is but it kinda isn’t. Basically, it’s always nice to look forward to achieving something. You know how when you get called for an interview and the secretary/administrator hands you a form containing pages of what you have actually submitted which is your resume. I can honestly say that I really hate doing it (Thank God, the last time I did that was about 6 years ago). So anyway.. back to the form, you know how when it comes to the education part, it asks for any “Awards” or “Achivements” and I always have none, but I know I’m better than the ones who may have. Haha…(who am I kidding??!!), but matter of fact is at the end of the day, I can’t write it because I have none.

Well, this is … nothing like that-at all! This is just a page or two dedicated to what I would like to achieve this month. Surely, if I can get one thing done, I’m bound to get two or three done in the future. Baby steps, now….baby steps…

So drumrollll puuhlleeeazeee…..

For the month of September, I would like to Achieve:

1. My wedding dress to be done

2. All wedding errands are done

Two. That’s not bad. I think I can make it. I hope. Well, at least if I write it down, I’m visualizing it in my head that I’m getting it done.

Let’s just hope. *Fingers crossed.


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