Home stretch

my wedding is a month and a bit away… invitation’s not yet ready, although it’s printing already. Souvenirs are not yet printed. A sudden change of ceremonial venue.
This thing with invitation, it’s nice to keep it simple right? I think and I hope I made our simple. It’s just a sheet of thick paper with both our names and yada yada yada… Where and when kind of information. Do invitation really need to be so elaborate that you forget the essence of it? People send invitations in boxes and crates (okay, I was just kidding about the crates). Not only do they go on and on about some quotes, in the end you only need to know who’s getting hitched, when and where.
One invitation I know, is packed in a box, with chocolates, it’s got about five different cards made out of steel (ok, I’m exaggerating at this point) with cut out Hawaiian Hibiscus flower (since the wedding will be in Hawaii, and yes guests from Indonesia will be flown there and accommodated).. Did I miss anything else? Money speaks…although it looks kinda tacky. I mean, if it’s in Hawaii… why not go the extra mile of making a shell-like box, with a pearl in it, and maybe chuck in some macadamia covered chocolate… right?
There’s also one invitation that I particularly like. They were flying their closest friends to an island in Thailand and they made the invitation theme like a boarding pass with passport-like invitation.
Well, that’s one of the extreme invitation cases.. I do like one of those simple, no fuss wedding invitation with just a piece of information that is straight forward. To counter the simplicity, the use of finishing and paper material is evident.


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