Travel bucket list

Walked to my desk this morning and there I found, the latest Destinasian magazine. A much adored magazine for travelling enthusiasts. Apart from Destinasian magazine, I would get the very posh very schnob Prestige magazine, which includes glossy snapshots of Jakarta’s socialites. Too glossy, too squeeky and too fake for my taste. But nonetheless, back again to the modest yet ecclectic version, Destinasian, is the source of much of my daydream in the office. Flipping through the pages, I am reminded of my “wishing to go” list, so here it is…

1. Machu Picchu. Apart from naming one of the many rabbits I had, Machu Picchu, I have always been intrigued by their existence that is perched on top of a mountain.

2. Ride in the glorious Eastern and Oriental Express along South East Asia. I’m sure it will be one magical journey.

3. Tibet. Never been at all… but I look at it in magazines and it looks magical.

4. Egypt and seeing the pyramids, ride a camel and be enchanted by the desert.

5. See wild animals at Krueger National Park. A safari getaway.

6. Amsterdam. I don’t know if it’s the canals or the bicycles or the cheese, or as one of the hub of trance music, or the mere fact that they sell legal marijuana… there’s just something about Amsterdam that I always want to go back to.

7. Venice. Okay, this city has got a lot of water element… much like Amsterdam in a way.. the difference is… Venice is for that perfect setting for when you fall in love, or propose or for a romantic getaway. Ride a gondola and go under the Rialto bridge that is infamous for one of Shakespeare’s play Merchant Of Venice. It’s Italy…so wherever corner you go, you’re bound to get authentic pasta that is cooked just right to perfection without destroying the essence of the ingredient. I love that… just simple Italian food.

8. Tuscany. Venice would be like the perfect setting for a WINTER romantic getaway… Tuscany would be perfect for a Spring or Summer romantic getaway. With old and vintage estate tucked in and vast vineyard. I can picture myself having supper in the middle of a vineyard. Ok, I watch too many sappy love movies.

10. NYC. There’s not one thing I don’t like about this city. Dean & Deluca, pretzel’s, hotdogs, yellowcab, the hustle and bustle, Manhattan and the fact that they have a gargantuan park that is as half the size of the city is brilliant. I love taking long walks at park and it’s ironic how I’m back in Jakarta and I find no good parks to go to. And besides, it’s too damn hot to have a walk in the park here.

11. Sydney. Yes, I know… this travel bucket list is not the place that I HAVEN’T been, but more of places I’ve been and places I want to go. Sydney is home to me for four long years during my college years. It surely has its charm and would love to go back there. Always loved eating at Doyle’s or having black sesame ice cream at Passionflower. Taking long walks all the way to The Rocks or all the way to Paddington. A city with diverse culture, a short drive to the famous Bondi beach and some of the best seafood restaurant. If you were a guy, I’d date you.. I mean I’ve been dating you for four years… you’ve been good to me, Sydney… Thank you.

11. And last but certainly not the least…. London. Yes, the metropolitan city where I spent most my elementary years. I wished I had stayed there till…now even, but I nevertheless I enjoyed London, every minute of it. Especially the dull and dreary weather.

So, I guess that’s about it really. I think I can go on and on about my travel bucket list, but I’ll write later, although I now have India in mind… but that’s another story… :)


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