Birthday?? What birthday….?!

Every year, I would get so excited about my birthday. There’s something about birthdays that is truly worth waiting for. I remember last year, December 29th to be exact, I was saying to my (then) boyfriend (now husband) that in one month, I will celebrate my birthday. Thinking about my birthday makes me smile. It sounds like a cliche, but birthdays make me feel really really special-for that one magical day, when you age one more year, you get to feel special.

I remember on my 29th birthday just last January, my best friends had set up a surprise karaoke party with my (then) boyfriend (now hubby). The girls wanted my husband to initially make me upset-and he did it! he was only pretending to make me upset-but boy did I really get upset we ended up fighting and I left the carpark at the karaoke place with one of my best friend. She told me to come with her as she’s having a karaoke night with her cousins; little did I know, that my besties were there, and I was crying because I got so upset at my husband. When I stepped inside, there was a small cake with candles and a big “SURPRISE!” from my besties that I cried even more! And then, they explained what had supposed to happen. My husband went in and we hugged and kissed and sang the night away :)

That was something I’d never forget.

But, since finding out about my pregnancy… Man…! Forget my birthday, I just wanna jump straight to February for my next USG as I will be ten weeks pregnant by then. I’ll be turning 30 this year, and from what I’ve heard women at this age, feel most comfortable with herself. I’m not sure in what way, but perhaps it’s the settleness, but I can’t tell… some people go on for 40 years feeling unsettled about themselves. I have a friend who is 25 and I feel like she’s more mature than I am sometimes. So, to me, regardless of how old you are in number, it doesn’t gurantee maturity.

But I can assure you, turning 30 will surely feel magical for me, being my first pregnancy and being married… perhaps, this time, I get to unwrap my 30th birthday present sometime in early February… *Fingers crossed :)


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