Bali with the boyfriend

After writing and several “Save Drafts” later, I finally completed my Bali escape. As promised, here I am excitedly telling you all (and reminiscing at the same time) of when I went to Bali with my boyfriend. During the course of our 2 year relationship, we’ve been to Bali twice, once for every year. And both were just as  special and unique.

The first time we went, we stayed at the Annora Villa ( ), located in the Seminyak area, tucked away from the hustle and bustle but still reachable and close to shops and restaurants. For this trip, we decided to rent a small green car. Perfect to get around Bali.

Green Karimun

Here’s a picture of the boyfriend and the Green car parked next to the Villa.

The villa has a number of deluxe rooms and one and two bedroom villas but it still feels cosy. One of the things I like most is the outdoor shower.

The view from the dipping poolHere’s the view to the semi outdoor dining area from the dipping pool. Walk straight across and that opened door leads to the main outdoor bathroom. I remember we experienced a bit of light rain in the morning, but after that, it was sunny all day long. Our trip was sometime in March and I think the best time to go is around these months (March-May) as it’s a low season and it won’t be as crowded if you go in June-August (with all the school-holiday, high season and most tourist attraction will be crowded )

So, everytime I land in Bali, I always make a habit of stopping by at Papaya Supermarket. I love their fresh Onigiri (Japanese rice wrapped in crispy seaweed stuffed with Salmon or our favorite-Tuna mayo) and their freshly baked breads. Okay, writing this makes me hungry and craving for a tuna-mayo Onigiri (Which makes it so much harder to resist since I’m pregnant). Coming to Papaya makes me feel like being part of the locals (or a wannabe local), being a supermarket catering to the Japanese market, hence the Onigiri and fresh selections of sashimis and rice bowls are available daily.

It’s always nice to arrive in Bali in the morning, so you can still take a quick rest and wander about the neighbourhood you are in. During our stay, here are our favorite hangouts:

1. Ku De Ta. Yes, I know, again, but I can’t help it. To make things better, here’s a picture of it.

Sunset at KDT

It’s not the best sunset picture as the sun’s pretty much gone, or maybe me and boyfie had too much of a good time, we forgot to take a snapshot of it. Oopps!

Now here is a picture of Ku De Ta, as you can see by the distinguished burgundy red umbrella. It gets super crowded during sunset and goes off right after. So, the main attraction is the most definitely-the sunset. Unless there’s an international DJ playing then it’s worth staying-for sure. Check out for their yearly DJ lineup.

KuDeTa has hosted many well respected DJ’s from all over the world, Jose Padilla, Frankie Knuckles to name a few and just recently Rasmus Faber (my favorite-and I didn’t get the chance to see *boo hoo).

So, yes, KDT is worth going-at least once during your stay in Bali.

2. The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort & Spa Bali.

Our first trip together was in 2010, and this place was considered new. So of course, we drove all the way from Seminyak to Jimbaran to experience (another) sunset in Bali. Jimbaran is located on Bali’s west coast between Kuta and Nusa Dua. The Ayana itself sits majestically on a hill overlooking the ocean, and the views are amazing. Here’s a photo of the itsy bitsy view of The Rock Bar as we were waiting for the inclinator to go down.

The Rock Bar

We arrived before 5 so, we lined up early and were the first batch to arrive. This means we were able to pick our seats to enjoy the sunset. If you’re staying at one of the villas in Ayana, then you can be sure to get one the sofas and the best views in the house. The martinis are really good and the Ceviche is really good too.

There’s us riding down in the inclinator to the Rock Bar. I tried looking at the sunset pictures from The Rock and I can’t believe I can’t find one that’s really good. I think I’m a lousy photographer. Here we are searching for the best sunsets in town, with a crappy picture of it in the end. How ironic! Here’s my best shot (or his)

(Our Best) picture of the sunset at Rock Bar (I even deliberately showed the glass ledge and large rock to prove that I didn't just take it from my other sunset pics) haha!

3. Warung Made. The infamous Made’s Warung serving up western and Indonesian cuisine. Friends of mine have their own favorite dish here, but my favorite is simply the fried rice with the sambal matah (super spicy chopped chillis).

Us getting silly in Warung Made

4. Warung Italia. Now here’s an affordable place to eat Italian food. Located in Jalan Kunti, it’s served and cooked fresh daily. Like a home cooked Italian. Served, buffet style, you’re more than welcome to try all or just a few of their dishes everyday. Their lasagna is pretty good, so it’s worth a try.

5. Nammos Beach Club-Karma Kandara

On our way to the entrance of the Karma Kandara Resort under the blue sky

On one of the sunny days of our stay in Bali, we decided to go to the exclusive Southern tip of Bali, that pristine strip where Karma Kandara, Banyan Tree Resort and Bvlgari Resort perch on top of a breathtaking cliff. It’s quite a trip with our little green car of ours from Seminyak to the Ungasan area. The roads are not as great as the main roads although they’re not beaten down either. At some point we thought that we got lost-which we really did, and then trying to ask an old local lady about Nammos Beach Club and didn’t have a clue. Best advice is if you get lost, ask around for your way to Karma Kandara and you should be good. Once we’re there, it was worth the trip!

What more could you ask for in life except for blue skies and blue seas with warm sands in between?

View of Karma Kandara villas and the ocean

Now, the area is paradise for honeymooners as it sits on a cliff at the very tip of South Bali well away from any activities and tourist attraction. This is the place if you’re looking to splurge on a laid back holiday. You will not regret it. The white roofed villas perched at the highest point of the resort I believe is the Grand Cliff Front Residence where I can only imagine of waking up to a floor to ceiling glass window looking at the blue ocean from the bottom and slowly and beautifully blending itself with the color of the blue skies. *slaps myself hard.. and then long sigh

Right, back to writing..

View from the cliff to the beach

Okay, these pictures are making me want to go back to Bali. *cringe. Beautiful isn’t it? This was before we went down on the inclinator.

Nammos Beach Club from the inclinator

Being at Nammos Beach Club, apart from getting a superb and friendly service, the beach is reserved for those staying at the villas and outsiders (like us) willing to pay a reasonable amount. It’s not so much public, as not many people know that it is available for the outside visitors. So the beach, although not very large, holds just enough people to play sand, snorkle, dip and swim at their own happy little space.

We managed to catch some sun, go dipping, a bit of swimming and walking along the sands and just relax and hear the waves. Bliss. The pizza is amazing and in my humble opinion is one of the best pizzas in Bali. No kidding.

Finishing up ready to go back (notice the tan?)

After a scrumptious pizza and abit of lazying around the beach, it was time to head back. We spent about 3 hours and I think that was enough sun for both of us.

6. Horse Riding.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I sat down in Ku De Ta watching the horses go by come sundown. Luckily, the villa we stayed at is right across a locally owned horse stable. Convenient or coincidence?

The price is reasonable if compared to those other horse stable fliers in Bali, so we jumped into the chance to go for a ride. Something fun and something different.

At the stable

I know, a green hot pants is not the perfect outfit for a horse back riding session, but who cares. It was a spontaneous moment, and it’s hot. The boots they provide, but if I can suggest something critical is rather than buying a spandex full on outfit-my advice it to bring a pair of socks. Otherwise you’re doomed (!) to wear their socks and God knows where they’ve been.

One thing I planned on our spontaneous horse back riding is that we agreed to do it during sunset along Seminyak beach. So off we went, trotting along the beach during the afternoon while watching and waiting on another and hopefully successful sundown.

Boyfriend's white horse
sundown with the horsies along Seminyak beach

Yes, sunset wasn’t too good (again) that day, but nevertheless, it was a great experience!

7. We spent one of the nights grabbing dinner in Mykonos, the one and only Greek restaurant. I’m up with just about eating anything so trying out Mykonos turned out to be a cosy dining experience. I must say, I’m not a huge fan of hummus, but I love the Greek salad and grill selections.

8. Having lunch at Grocer & Grind was really good. We were craving for something light and G&G served up one of the best sandwiches, Paninis and the lot. Located in Seminyak, it’s a really laid back place for both local and local expatriates.

Chilling out at G&G

9. We also went to Wah Wah Burger. Which we found out we were the only customer. Wah Wah Burger serves…well…Wagyu burger. I remember they had different burgers so we tried the sampler burger that had 3 mini wagyu burgers. The taste was alright, but it was a bit on the pricey side. So that’s the end of Wah Wah Burger for us.

I think that’s pretty much it. We stayed for 5 nights and we did go to some other places like Hu’u Bar, Seminyak Beach and dined at the ultra stylish Metis restaurant. It was always a memorable experience coming again and again to Bali and everytime always bring back new memories. It was even more memorable when we missed our flight to Bali that morning. Haha!

For those, who’ve been to Bali, I hope you love it as much as I do.. and for those who haven’t, you should definitely include it in your travel bucket list!


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