14..16..17 weeks and counting…


It’s been a while since my last post, I have been sick and busy with work and home but mostly excited about the growth of my pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks and counting, and my belly is slowly but surely jutting out. What a delight.

Gone are my mild nausea over the past early months and I am eating well. I have read 3 pregnancy books and I am currently reading “Brain Rules for Baby” by John Medina. It is one of the best book that every pregnant mothers should read as the book provides interesting insights to teaching methods for babies that were thought to succeed.

At 14 weeks, the ultrasound shows a wiggly little thing. At first it looked like baby was having hiccups. Well, baby probably did; and his thin finger like shadow was dancing about. That was super cute.

At 15 weeks, baby’s got a bit bigger, and was squirming away from the ultrasound. It’s said that at this stage, the baby is receptive to light, meaning that baby stays away from light. I tried shining the light from my blackberry towards the bulging tummy for a bit to see if I can feel it squirm, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Some say that first time mum may only feel the baby moving at 20 weeks. Oh well.. can’t wait till it happens.

Someone also said that, you can feel the baby moving during this stage by lying on your back. So I did that now that I’m in 17 weeks pregnant, and I THINK, I can juuuust feel it tap back. It feels like tiny air bubbles, though I’m not sure it’s gas or baby. Haha! Oopps!

It’s true that the second trimester is the best feeling. No more nausea, and the bulging tummy is taking into shape and not just a ‘beer-belly’ lookalike. I daydream about how the baby will look like, and I pray for it to be a healthy and happy baby. Have done my first pre natal yoga at 14 weeks, just cooked my tad-bit-too-salty spaghetti bolognaise last night, and went for my first preggy swim this morning. Not a lot of laps, but it’s a start. Besides, the swimsuit was a bit too tight and the halter tie kept falling off exposing my boobies. I can assure you there was nobody else around the pool.

So, today, in Indonesia is a public holiday of Nyepi, the Bali holiday. And I am thinking of just hanging out with some friends from primary school and hoping to get a two-piece swimming suit for my next water laps. I’ve also booked a “Pre Baby Bliss” massage and scrub treatment for Sunday. Aaaah–bliss! I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “14..16..17 weeks and counting…

  1. Tiny air bubbles are exactly the words that describe the first feeling of baby moves, also sometimes compared to champagne bubble. And it is also said that during the second pregnancy it felt several weeks before that it did on the first time, that’s because woman knows what to expect. It sound to me kind of weird, because I couldn’t imagine that something like that can go unnoticed, and still when I first realized that I feel it, It was already not the first time it happened! Oh, that all this so exciting! I can’t wait to be pregnant again!

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