The Menacing Rooster

So, I was running late this morning (like every other mornings) and I was driving to the office and I saw chickens walking about on the road (which is common in my country by the way). Now, as far as I’ve known all my life that these domestic fowls would make way when a car drove by. So I noticed this particular rooster by the side of the street, thinking if I just drove by, it’ll be alright since he is already on the side of the street. But then I heard a clanking sound from my rear tire and a menacing cluck and cackle and as I looked over my side mirror I saw the rooster charging at my car. Can you believe it? I not only hit the rooster, it charged back. For a second I wanted to laugh, but I was more surprised at the twist of theory that I’ve also known all this time. I was so puzzled as to why that rooster didn’t naturally make way for my car (hence, it lead to the question: how many drivers had been puzzled by it and how many passer bys had been frightened by it). As I drove and turned down the street, it made me wonder, why had the rooster not given way as it should. This made me giggle because it reminded me of one of Seinfeld’s funny episodes where George ran into a pigeon in Central Park, injuring the pigeon. He too, was stumped at the fact that by nature the pigeons would make way.Of course George being cranky and all didn’t take it too well and I think it stirred up his relationship with his current girlfriend. 

So anyways, back to the story, at some point it was actually frightening to see a black rooster charging at the car. I can’t imagine being a little kid walking pass it. But it surprised me still as it had been the first time I’ve experienced that. Being pregnant, I don’t want it to be a bad karma to anybody especially the baby (Pardon for being oh so superstitious), so I guess I can scrap that theory wrong and beware of THE MENACING ROOSTER.Image


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