My Baby Ja

Yes, it has been ages… this was the first few words that came into my head as I imagine writing my blog again after the baby is born. And now, I am here. A few (!!) kilos lighter, back to work with a 5 month old son. So how are you?

I miss it. I miss writing. Although throughout the days that I have been absent, I would daydream that I am writing, about my new life that has turned into wonderful. Tiring but wonderful. A little less sleep. But wonderful.

Of course, five months ago, right on Indonesia’s Independence day (August 17th) , I gave birth to a baby boy named Jaron Abisha Muluk. In a quick sentence, it means, he who sings to God.

So, yes, he is your typical 5 month old baby, cooing, drooling, trying to sit up, reach his cute little toes and other cutesy mushy things new parents say.

I must admit, it has been a mellow ride. These 5 months have been wonderful, tiring and challenging. You actually learn about yourself through your baby, and at times, I feel my baby is telling me in his own ways to make me a better person.

For me, it has taught me that no matter how planned you are, there will always be one teether missing, one toy left back in the hotel.. it has taught me to, well… laugh about it. It happens. But it’s always good to plan ahead. Just don’t go into too detail about things, otherwise your head will blow up like a smashed watermelon. Haha.

It has taught me to take things slow. Don’t rush things, it will eventually come to the end. Before I got pregnant, or married, there was always that one or two slow cars in the lobby, with the parents, the nanny (yes, the nanny) and the driver (yes, the driver) systematically yet slowly packing the colorful diaper bag, the colorful balloons that they get to nick off baby shops, the shopping bags, their baby or bundled up in a thick plush blanket, oh it goes on forever… well guess what? That’s us now. *big grin.

It has ultimately taught me to be more patience. With the crying, and the screaming in the middle of the night. I sometimes wonder how that mouth got so big. I know baby Ja is trying to tell me something, but what.. I have no clue, I can only guess, and hope I get it right the first time, which is unlikely.

I love it. even if I am tired and lacking sleep as I type, I am excited at what Ja have for me. He is truly a gift.

Well, I’ll keep it short and sweet for now.

‘Till later :)

During a photoshoot at home. He was about 3 months old.
During a photoshoot at home. He was about 3 months old.

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