Fidgety traveller

I don’t know how else to describe what kind of traveller I am, or I will be. Since having Jaron around,  life has been differently good and challenging. I’m always trying my best so Jaron will have the best things in life.

So anyways, hubby’s been invited to a Midsummer Marketing trip in San Fransisco, CA in July, and he would like to take Jaron. Before this happened, we kinda made a pact to each other that it’s probably best if we take Jaron to San Fransisco after he’s two years old. So he can enjoy the sights as much as we do.


But, dear Papa is just so excited, we decided to go even before he’s one year old.

That would mean, I would have to take a 2 week off, and that would also mean, I would have to start preparing…now.

As exciting as it is the schedule that was once far off is moved much earlier and we’ll be leaving in 3 months. Thankfully, the strenuous process of Ja’s first ever passport is over,  all I, or, hubby have to do now is pick up Ja’s passport.

In parallel, tickets have been booked, as prices are not cheap and they keep on rising every day. All I have to do now is apply for a US Visa with baby Jaron. I’ve managed to make a list on what to do in San Fransisco. This should be exciting. And I can’t wait to go to the park (as we don’t have that many of them here in Jakarta)The last time I went was in the 90’s. teheee heee.

Just made two trips to Permata Bank with no result. Why? because the first time I went, it was the wrong branch to pay the visa application. And when I did go to the right branch today, I didn’t have my passport number and Jaron’s passport (which hadn’t been picked up). So either way, we learn something (ONE THING) everyday, so I’ll have to wait for Ja’s passport tomorrow.

I’ve also been browsing on how to travel long hours with an infant. Or what a bassinet looks like, in which, I don’t think baby Ja who will be eleven months when we travel, will be needing a bassinet. But then, I wouldn’t be able to sit him on my lap for the whole 22 hours. So I’m a bit nervous if we’d get a good seat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m already thinking of what to wear and what to bring for myself on the plane. I bought a portable padded toilet seat for Ja as well. I know, it’s still 3 months, I should be worrying about getting a visa. But oh, well. I do what I can.

I think I should sign off now and get back to work… or browsing… or writing… hmm, maybe I’ll be an evangelist and do a review on something or someone. I think I already have something and/or someone on my mind.

If you have any tips on flying long hours, please share. I’m dying to know.


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