Applying for US Visa part 1

Good morning!

Thought I’d share on how to obtain a US Visa for Indonesian citizen today. I can tell you upfront, there will be many parts, so don’t get bored. This may get pretttteee interesting. Woo haa!

First of all, last year, my good friend Natalie asked me if I want to get my US Visa, and I thought heck, why not, no harm in trying right. It started out as an afternoon rendezvous on one of my post-delivery/maternity-leave days, and at that time, the fee to apply was Rp.1.5mio-ish. But somehow, somewhere between Christmas and new year, we kinda ignored it and here I am today, filling out a “USA MRV Fee” for Rp.1.6mio. Yes, peeps, it keeps on increasing! And people are still getting rejected!

Anyways, for those wondering what are the preliminary steps to apply, here’s how:

1. Go to and click on the non-immigrant visa on the left side. It should tell you how exactly.

2. You must pay the non-refundable fee (Even for children) to obtain the visa. For this, you will need a Deposit Slip. The link can be found here. Since I will be a tourist, I choose the first Deposit Slip – $160 MRV Fee. Make sure you do not make copies as it’s one copy for one person only. If you are travelling with other members, like me and my son, I printed two. This slip has an expiry date. So pay attention to that, if you pass this date, you have to print out another one (Like me, unfortunately)

20130404-103019 AM.jpg

3. So once you have printed that, you must pay it to a Standard Chartered bank or Permata Bank.

The closest one from where I live is Permata Bank in Kemang. But when I got there, I was told, for US Visa payments, they have to be paid in Permata Bank in Melawai branch. So off I went to the Melawai branch, and being the clumsy as I am, I didn’t remember my passport number; I haven’t even picked up Jaron’s passport from the immigration (Silly me!). So, I took the ‘USA MRV Fee’ to fill it out. Remember to bring a copy of your passport, just to be safe.

So, this is as far as I got. Will update you later, once hubby’s picked up Jaron’s passport.

20130404-101857 AM.jpg



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