Applying for US Visa Part II


I finally managed to pay the fee. Well, actually, I got someone to do it for me. Tee hee. And in parallel of doing so, I managed to go online and fill out a form called the DS 160 which is the typical form for the typical (fidgety) traveller like me.

It can get a bit overwhelming, as I’ve heard from people that they bombard you with questions. Trust me. It’s not that bad. So here are some tips on filling it out:

– If it is your first time application, then go to Start An Application

– Once you click that, there will be an ID number, make sure you save that as you will be asked that ID when you would like to retrieve the application again.

– Take time to answer the questions carefully.

– And as it get to the end, make sure you print the confirmation letter.

– Oh, and this is probably a good time to take a good head shot of yourself. Just go into any photo developing shop like Fuji, Adorama etc and ask for a US embassy shot.

– Go over the questions and answers at least twice to make sure you acknowedge the truth. These answers will be asked again during the one on one interview.

– Once it’s done give yourself a pat in the back and pray for the interview to go well! :)

– Don’t forget to go over necessary documents that may help with the interview process.

Apart from the confirmation letter that has a barcode, I brought:

– Hubby’s passport

– Ticket itinerary and booking confirmation

– Kartu Keluarga

– Me and Jaron’s passport

– The email from my husband’s company inviting him to attend a marketing meeting, which lead us to the main reason why we are all travelling.

– The original receipt of the visa fee

– 2 copies of your photo

In my next post, I will tell you on how my interview went. :)




2 thoughts on “Applying for US Visa Part II

  1. help me please !!! im in the process of applying for my visa, iv filled in the online application and done all of that and created a profile etc. i have also paid the fee at the bank and have my receipt and my MRV fee lilttle piece of paper. but now i am trying to book an appointment online and it is asking for my receipt number from my MRV fee , i have tried every possible number on this receipt and non of them seem to be the correct receipt number, and it has been 2 days since i paid the fee so that should have been more the enough time.. am i missing something or is am i just being stupid ?? where did you find the MRV receipt number that you used to book your appointment?? was it the one that starts with us2 on the top right of your recepit?? please email me if you have tmie .

    1. Hi Andy,
      After paying the MRV slip you should get a receipt from the bank, right? The number should be there. I may have forgotten it already, but the number should also read on the slip.

      Good luck! If all else fail, go to the bank where you made the payment and ask.


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