Applying For US Visa Part III

Hello y’all..

I promise this is the last chapter of the application.

Once I got everything I need for my interview, I took the driver to Jalan Medan Merdeka no.5 where the walls of barricades covered the US Embassy. Good thing I booked my interview as early as 7am. Even then, when I arrived on time, there were people already queuing outside.

The line was well organized, there were security that asked for any electronical device like phones, chargers, usbs and the exceptional nail clipper. After going past security, I walked across the basketball court where there are shaded benches to wait for the 1st interview. I waited about 25 minutes and then they checked my documents and I waited again for the one on one interview and fingerprint.

This I waited quite a while. About 40 minutes.

And when my group number was called, we headed inside and had our fingerprints taken and then the one on one interview. It’s a quick interview asking what the purpose of out visit and yada yada yada… and APPROVED! phewww….!

I spent around 2 hours in the embassy. I happily walked out knowing that my visa (and Jaron’s) are approved.

Our passports was delivered around three working days later.

Can’t wait to spend summer in America.

Now, all I gotta do is list what to pack for Ja for the long haul flight and activities to do :)

Thanks, All. I hope all three parts of the information is useful.



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