Prapanca 21 review

Hi I hope you are all doing great. I’m taking today off to prepare for our Bali trip. This will be Jaron’s first plane trip and we’re so excited. It’s also a great chance to visit his grandmother who lives there.

Today I went for a body massage and spa at Prapanca 21, South Jakarta. I’ve been there three times and I recommend you ask for Mba Sri. She’s friendly and attentive and does a good massage. The place is nicely decorated with antique javanese trinkets and the likes. Appointment is necessary and ask for one of the private rooms. Today, I went for a body massage and strawberry scrub with a facelift mask for under Rp.300k. For a two hour treatment and a ginger tea drink to finish off I think it’s reasonable.

Phone signals can get weak. But hey, who needs a signal when you get massaged anyway.

Prapanca 21

20130510-033132 PM.jpg

20130510-033215 PM.jpg


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