Flying for the first time


In less than a month, we will go for our long-haul flight to LA. So about a month ago, we decided to do a test-flight for Ja (our ten month son) to Bali to visit his grandparents.

I quickly bought flight tickets leaving on a Saturday and coming back on Tuesday so to avoid a full flight.

20130618-111417 AM.jpg

That’s us hanging out at Starbucks. We arrived too early, but I’d rather be early than late cause rushing with a baby is not a good combo!
Choosing a flight according to your baby’s schedule also works well. Our flight was at 3 so I had to be ready to feed him on the plane.
It’s wise that parents STAY CALM. No matter what. I thankfully managed to stay calm. I think the fact that we had a lot of time gave us the chance to be relaxed and catch up with one another.

20130618-112659 AM.jpg

20130618-112742 AM.jpg

I put on a short onesie and before we boarded the plane I put on his navy slacks. Slept like a baby.

I can proudly say that he did good on the plane. Except when he pooped during take off. I think all that engine revving got him nervous. Changing him was a challenge since there was a slight turbulence. But we managed to get through.

The flight was only an hour, thank God and we arrived just after sunset. We had a car pick us up to bring us to our parents’ villa.

20130619-040223 PM.jpg

20130619-040302 PM.jpg

That’s him happy to see grandma-and the other way round. Although it was past his bedtime, he seemed to enjoy his new surroundings.

20130619-040621 PM.jpg

20130619-040653 PM.jpg

Our second day, we all went to Kudeta for breakfast and he absolutely loves it!

20130619-040908 PM.jpg

20130619-041016 PM.jpg

We went for an attempt to go to the beach, however things took a different turn….

20130619-041159 PM.jpg

20130619-041215 PM.jpg
He got scared from the cold sea water and sand rushing in. Oopsie, perhaps next time we’ll try again.

20130619-041422 PM.jpg

Yup! Much happier taking a swim with daddy!

20130619-041545 PM.jpg

And delighted to watch us eat at Warung Menega. Such a good baby

In fact he was so good during the day, I mean, he really enjoyed his time during the day, he had trouble sleeping. But I managed to give him a massage so he feels relaxed.

20130619-044711 PM.jpg

Flying back to Jakarta was more or less the same in a way that he pooped again during take off. But after that he just played until we landed safely.

I am crossing my fingers and hope Ja will be alright during the long flight. Of course, there will probably be some hostile stare and glare, but I don’t want that to affect me that much. And my motto is “whatever works”

Wish me luck!!


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