USA trip – Part 1: The longest flight

Hi y’all

Now I thought I had written Part 1 but since I could not find it anywhere, I get rewrite the memories over again.

Overall, it was a great trip and a golden opportunity to spend quality time with my son and hubby.

Our USA destination was LA via Taipei with EVA Air was scheduled in the afternoon. But being the fidgety traveller that I am, we got to the airport before midday as we need to make sure whether we can get a bassinet seat. And so we did for the whole flight all the way to LA. Wooohaa!

Now, a couple of days before, Grandpa JP (mum’s hubby) saw in BBC that there’s a number of typhoons in Taiwan and Hongkong. On the day of our flight, as we approached Taiwan, there was light rain. The transit was about 3 hours and during that time, the rain grew heavy and then with strong winds and then it was declared a typhoon *cringe.

Okay, I’ll get back to the typhoon a bit later cause I want to tell you how nice the Taoyuan airport is. Each gate has a theme. A Playstation theme, reading theme and my favorite-the Hello Kitty theme. The nursery station boasts a cute and pretty-in-pink Hello Kitty theme (not so appropriate for baby boy Ja, but nonetheless I was gushing)

20130821-041934 PM.jpg

Totes adorbs right? It has a crib, a nursing sofa, a small sink equipped with a bottle dishwashing liquid, hot water and warm wet tissue and a changing pad. I think I spent half the transit time making use of the amenities there. Washed the used bottles, refilled the hot water and changed Ja into sleeping clothes.

Coming close to out boarding time, we can SEE the typhoon, rain and wind. I sensed the agitation of the EVA crew whether they should board us all or not. But they did and as we got inside the plane, boy was it shaking. It felt like the aircraft was going through turbulence up in the air, but we were still on the ground prepping.

It was not the most enjoyable flight, as it took us a long time until we finally moved. The small screen in front of us showed we were ready to take off, but the typhoon didn’t look like it was going away. The Captain told us that they will wait half an hour. And then an hour went by. And then two hours went by without getting permission to even go to the toilet.

By then, Ja had gone to sleep and the Captain informed us that the typhoon is getting worse and that we would have to go back to the gate. But since the typhoon was still going strong we weren’t even allowed back inside the gate due to safety reason. So we slept on the plane for 5 hours. All I kept thinking is how we could’ve been half way already, but sadly we were still stuck on the plane :(

Morning came and the typhoon died down and just as we thought we were going to take off, they need to change the cabin crew and supply food and fuel refill, so we had to leave the plane. We took that time to stretch and since we couldn’t leave the gate, it just made us more tired. I think I managed to change Ja and myself. At this time, we were exhausted.

After waiting for two hours, we finally board the plane (AGAIN) in hope that this time we will take off for sure. And we did and our 12 hour flight had just begun. Initially and ideally, Ja would spend that time sleeping, but since he slept all through the typhoon, boy was he wide awake!! Kept us, exhausted parents up and awake for most of the time.

I look back and I still cringe thinking about it. But it was an unusual experience we hope to never endure again-ever!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Summer in LA


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