USA trip – Part 2: Summer in LA

After taking what seemed like 100 naps on the plane, we were finally above San Fransisco which means we are landing soon in LA. Time at destination was 6am. About 9 hours delayed of scheduled time of arrival. We could’ve arrived Friday night but instead we were arriving Saturday morning.

20130822-074422 AM.jpg

As we start descending Ja seemed alright, but as we got closer to the ground, his ears might have hurt so he started crying uncontrollably. Poor little guy, having to endure such a long flight with delays for the first time. We were SO SO SOOO relieved when the plane landed safely.

20130822-031112 PM.jpg

20130822-030253 PM.jpg

20130822-030304 PM.jpg

We were soooo happy to see Aunty Murni and Uncle Ronny at the arrivals. They are the nicest and sweetest. Look at how my uncle’s got swag with that shimmery jacket!!

We were jetlag and we spent the whole day sleeping and didn’t wake up till afternoon. When we did, we all went to Santa Monica Third Street Promenade for dinner.

20130822-031138 PM.jpg

Oh, I also met with my long lost friend who I haven’t seen in twenty years. My bestie Niken!!

Summer in LA was nice and breezy. It does get really hot (as hot as Jakarta) but during the night it gets cooler. We ended up buying pizza but I forgot the name. But it was in the corner of the street. I think that night, we didn’t go for long, still had a bit of leftover jetlag.

We stayed at Uncle Ronny’s house in the valley, where it is said that when in summer it’s hotter and when winter comes, it’s colder. But I’m happy to stay there during Summer when it’s hot.

I think that night Ja didn’t sleep until midnight.

Next up I will be writing about Hollywood, Melrose and Kushimbo.

Catch up later peeps !!


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