In my cosmetic bag

I was rummaging through my cosmetic purse and then I realized when did it get this full and bulky. Almost everything I picked up had bits of powder from my compact. Not so compact anymore eh? I don’t understand how a compact powder is no longer compact when you stash it.

Anyways, thought I’d like to share what’s inside my cosmetic purse. Here it is:

1. Lipbalm/lipgloss. For every mood, when I feel like using my Vaseline lipgloss or my Carmex cherry lipbalm it gives a smoothing and moisturizing effect. Not to mention the yummy cherry mint taste.

2. Lipstick/sheer lipgloss. I only keep sheer lip glosses at the moment. Burt’s Bees sheer lip gloss is a great one to add a hint of color and moisture the lips. Max Factor #60 is a great color and shine for that sudden meeting and when I need a pop of color. And finally, Elizabeth Arden in Pink Pout is a gloss for fun days. Which is basically everyday. I think I can justify that every woman needs at least 3 sheer lipglosses or lipsticks.

3. My never fail pocket size L’occitane Au Vert. Keeps me fresh. All day. Hands down.

4. Jorel’s hair. Now this is odd I know, but I swear I meant to give it to my mother to bury it (it’s tradition). But I’ve been failing to do so, so I figure I just make it as a good luck charm. It’s been good to me. So can’t complain.

5. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand-Salve for air conditioned hands that get dry as the day goes by.

6. Mini keyring mirror from Kudeta Bali. Everytime I go to bali with the boys, we would always at least once have Sunday breakfast at Kudeta. It’s got lots of kids activities and good ol breakfast by the beach. Now this keyring was made with our (me, hubby, Ja and baby inside me) pics printed at the back for a cute memorabilia.

7. And others like: nail clipper, elastic band, hair clip and my breast feeding supplement.

And there you go! It may be full but it does come in handy when you need it.

Share what’s in your cosmetic purse and trade beauty tips!




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