Mayo breakfast day 6

Herrrlooww weekend!!

A much anticipated time to spend with family and friends for what else…? Food and drinks. Food meaning hearty comfort foods smothered in duck fat and roasted to perfection. Or thick and creamy curry with chilli.

Oh damn. Let’s hope I dont have a weekend meltdown.

My scale is broken so I can’t weigh myself but I’ll be going to pick up Mum so hopefully I’ll get to weigh myself then. Or not. And be at suspense. Fearing have I lost weight or not.

But anyways… Here’s what I had for breakfast


Whole wheat bread with mozzarella cheese and tomato bits. No salt. I have stuffy nose so I presume all food I eat will taste bland so that’s okay being in this diet I suppose.

For lunch I’m thinking of doing a big salad. You know, like the one in Seinfeld. Always, always loved Seinfeld. Alright back to salad, what goes in…roast chicken which I am now thawing, with baby cos lettuce I got on good deal (buy 1 get 1) with some mixed salad packet and cucumbers with oven whole wheat bread cut into bits and drizzled with lemon honey oil OR….. Should I go the high mile with truffle balsamic vinegar.

Ooh lalaaa…decisions decisions…

Can’t wait!


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