Mayo diet dinner day5

Because today is the last day that I get to use the car , it also means that today is the last day to do errands. So after having finished such a tasty pasta bolognaise for lunch, went out to do my errands earlier than scheduled.
Got everything done thankfully and had a small pear for snacking before driving back.
Traffic was acceptably and reasonably shitty as expected for a Friday afternoon. But managed to get back to the office by 3ish and got some work done before going home.
Here’s what my dinner looked like


That’s yucky grilled Tempe with spicy Chicken woku-ish (Manado cuisine) which was yummy. Chilli paste. Too chilli for my taste.
Glad I got everything done and now, waiting for hubby to safely land.

After 5 days, I have no idea if I’ve shed some weight or not. But I feel lighter and healthier and hope that I can really keep this up. Eating moderately with less salt.

During the weekends I don’t get catering sent. So I went to Hero Supermarket and bought a lot ( A LOT) of greens. Will post pics tomorrow! Have some yummy food in mind.


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