Mayo diet day 7

Sorry if I haven’t been able to catch up with my diet days.. But here goes.
That Sunday would be the hardest day until I allowed myself a cheat day for that day. That particular Sunday, was the day I hosted my sister in law’s Pengajian, which is prayers and blessings from the family to send her off to her marriage. It’s a beautiful procession with a small family reunion. The bride to be cried along with her mom and we hugged and gave our blessings, followed by a lunchbox catering with succulent and (I bet) satisfying Indonesian cuisine.

I am once again, left alone, with my chicken salad trying to cheer myself up. There is no point trying to take pictures of my meal caue you’ve probably already seen it yesterday, and I’ve become grumpy over the weekend cause I need my sugar.

At this point (on)I’m hating this diet, because this no salt thing is killing my taste pallate. I used to remember making bubbly cheese lasagna that tastes so good or that sizzling 3 minute steak frites and that crispy salmon teriyaki over rice..WARM RICE!

In my mind, food is supposed to taste good and make you feel good and whole. Yes perhaps I do believe in eating healthy, but no, not this diet. I am ready to give up.

One the aunt made her homemade lasagna and it was calling out my name.I searched to justify cheat day and there I was scooping one small corner of the lasagna pan with her homemade chilli olive oil. I died. I miss this.

By the end of the day, I was eating a small portion of fried vermicelli and lasagna and twix and laduree macaroons…yes you read me right.

It’s just 5 more days, my dream of eating Padang food will soon come true.


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