Mayo diet day 11

This day is the last day of the mayo diet catering. thank God. It also happens to be the exact time as the 3rd anniversary of Market & Museum which is a curated food and lifestyle bazaar. The food stalls have some really good food and I am easily tempted as I work very close to the venue. The mayo diet is supposed to go for 12 or 13 days but in my case, I failed to do so. The temptation of living in a place where food have so much flavor and spices that going bland meant killing myself. Okay, maybe not that extreme but close.


This is what I had for my (last) dinner of the mayo diet. Fruits with their homemade mayo.


And for lunch I had minced chicken satay with Matah chilli which is a traditional Balinese chilli, which is chopped shallots with chillis-lots of it.

Ending my mayo diet although I only lost one kilo, my body felt lighter, my flabby tummy-not so flabby, but still flabby. Just less. I am now eating smaller portions and NO RICE for dinner (being the Asian that I am). I am glad that I did mayo diet, I am trying out a healthy catering next week so hopefully I’ll be able to review on that. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my time eating normal food.
I hope those who are trying mayo diet, I encourage you to do so at least once a year just to get the toxins out of your system.
See you on my next review!!


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